Most people today live their lives as if they were in a deep sleep. They wake up in the morning, go to work and before they know it – they are getting back to bed and so forth. They are not doing it on purpose of course. After all, nobody wants to live their lives as if they were programmed machines. In this article I'll explain how NLP could wake up your life.

What is NLP?

NLP (or Neurolinguistic programming) is a highly effective model that concerns the relationship between cognitive and behavioral patterns and the usage of language to perceive and react to each subjective reality.

In another words, in NLP we use our language (both verbal and non verbal) in a way that creates a change of the mental auto pilot. This change might be persuasion of others and it might be a much deeper change such as disarming a phobia or overcoming procrastination.

What's that got to do with our routine life?

In NLP perspective everything we learn is considered as a skill. One of NLP's presuppositions is that a skill is learnt on the first time we perform it. From that moment on, we master that skill by practicing it again and again.

As long we get results or any other gain (including what we call in NLP a secondary gain) by practicing the skill, we will continue practicing the same behavioral pattern. This is exactly the point where the pattern becomes a second nature and we stop being aware while we do what we do.

So how NLP helps us to change this auto pilot?

In order to change our auto pilot using NLP we first have to interrupt the pattern. Once we interrupted the pattern we are in a state of transition. In this state we are suddenly becoming aware that a new learning is required as we have to react somehow. Just like when being cut off while driving.

What's the next step?

In this moment of awareness, we have a moment to react by will and not by our habits. By using pattern interrupts to reduce our automatic living we create more awareness in our lives and more choice that could lead to better results.

This awareness is just the beginning of improving your life by using NLP. If you want to hear some more information on how learning NLP could enhance your life and increase your results and, fill this form and we'll contact you as soon as possibly can.

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